Handmade Walnut & Brass Tray - Megan's Favorites


Megan is the last set of hands to touch each of these pieces. Over the course of several days, she tends to get attached to a few. Here are her special picks from this small batch of hand-crafted objects. 

We made this Handmade Wood & Brass Tray for lazy Sundays spent reading the paper with coffee and scones, but it would be perfect to use for hosting an afternoon tea, or as barware to pass out drinks at a cocktail party.  When not in use, it makes a distinctive addition to any coffee table or ottoman.  Walnut given a hand-applied finish and joined with brass splines into a sturdy, well-crafted object. Whether it completes your own breakfast in bed experience, or serves as a gift for a housewarming party or bridal shower, this handcrafted wood and brass tray is sure to add warmth and comfort to the home.