Wooden Bread Box in Walnut


This handcrafted Wooden Bread Box will add a warm touch to your kitchen while keeping your bread fresher for longer. The flush lid doubles as a cutting board and features finger holes on either end for easy opening and airflow to keep the bread inside fresh. Use this wooden bread box to store your bakery-fresh or home crafted bread. 

Breathtaking walnut wood has been reclaimed from our local urban forest to make this artisan piece, which is both eco-friendly and an exquisite work of craftsmanship. 

No stain is used on this item. It is completely food safe and the coloration is the natural color of the wood highlighted with a preserving, long-lasting, hand oiled finish. Unique coloration and grain pattern shows the history from downed urban trees means that boxes might have their own individual beauty marks inherent to all wood such as pin knots or sapwood. 

Color: Walnut