Legacy Base Live Edge Pedestal Dining Table in Natural Oak


Trees come down in the Birmingham area all year long. In tandem with plentiful rain, lots of sunshine and strong winds, trees adapt and show unique grain and color variation while they grow tall, straight and dense. Plentiful in the region, there are multiple species of oak, all slightly different. With an abundant supply and unbeatable hardness, a dining table in Natural Red Oak takes the wear and tear of a family's good times and still stuns your dinner guests with unmatched beauty and dinner conversation.

Garden & Gun magazine selected the Legacy Base Table as the Overall Winner for their Best in the South awards in 2017. Hand-cast at a National Historic Landmark, Sloss Furnaces, this pedestal dining table base combines both modern and traditional production technologies. The marriage results in an iconic pairing. Set it for your dining table. Use it as a desk to work from home. Choose a custom dimension for a narrow sofa table or console table. Every piece will be a little different. Urban hardwood means it's eco-friendly. Expert, American craftsmanship means it's tomorrow's heirloom.

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