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What is Misfits Market?

What is Misfits Market? | Alabama Sawyer

March 08, 2021

Misfits Market is a subscription box of sometimes funny-looking, always delicious produce, designed to break the cycle of food waste. Think of it like an online grocery store, except one that specializes in rescuing food that is unnecessarily thrown away. They source high-quality organic produce that has a few quirks—onions that are too small, potatoes that are shaped like your favorite celebrity, and carrots that fell in love and got twisted together. It may sound like a joke, but billions of pounds of this fresh and delicious food is tossed each year because grocery stores only want "perfect" foods on their shelves. 

Misfits Market steps in and buys this food from hundreds of farms across the country and bring them to your doorstep, saving you money and helping you save the world.

What is "ugly produce", and why might it look weird?

A common misconception is that fruits and vegetables only look strange if something is wrong with them or they are genetically modified (GMO). Quite the opposite: All-natural produce is apt to look funkier than the picture-perfect kind that is engineered in a lab. Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables are often rejected by grocery stores and supermarkets due to natural imperfections or variations in size. A watermelon that has its weight distributed oddly may develop harmless scarring. Carrots grow into each other and look twisted. Peppers get blemishes from the ground. Apples fall and get bruised. All are perfectly normal, nutritious and tasty, and they shouldn’t be discarded. The produce they source may also be discarded for reasons beyond an ugly appearance. Sometimes a farm’s customers may have over-ordered an item that they requested be prepped a certain way—e.g., just the root without the green—or they can no longer afford to pay for an order of normal produce.Misfits Market will pick up the slack so that farmers still make money from excess produce and nothing goes to waste.

Why should I use Misfits Market?

There are a few reasons.

    1. You’re helping the earth in a very powerful way. Global food waste generates 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually, making it one of the single biggest contributors to planet-harming emissions. Saving this produce can actually help save the world.
    2. You can save big on your grocery bill.
  1. Misfits Market's produce is up to 40% cheaper than grocery store prices, so the weekly savings add up fast.
  2. You’re supporting responsible agriculture. By purchasing food that would otherwise go to waste, you’re letting organic farmers generate extra income.

How does it work?

Pretty simply. You order either a smaller Mischief Box or larger Madness Box of produce for 25-40% less than it would cost at your local grocery store. They fill up that box with our organic fruits and veggies. Receive a box either every week or every other week.

Where do they deliver?

We currently deliver to zip codes* in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, and Wisconsin. 

Is all of the produce organic?

Yes, they source our produce from certified organic farms and partners that provide us with non-GMO food. For more information on sourcing methods, check out Our Sourcing Philosophy.


Where do they source the produce?

We partner with hand-picked farms and food hubs across the Americas to source certified-organic produce for our boxes. We also include organic produce (e.g., citrus and avocados) sourced outside the country to offer more variety in your box. We see food waste throughout the system, so any time we come across high-quality, responsibly-sourced food that’s about to be discarded, we’ll rescue it and use it to diversify your box.

More FAQ are here.

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