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What Cost More? Truffles or an Alabama Sawyer Cutting Board

What Cost More? Truffles or an Alabama Sawyer Cutting Board | Alabama Sawyer

February 01, 2021

Ever since I was a kid, I was a chocoholic. Dad would sneak us off to Haagen-Dazs - in the 80's it was an ice cream parlor in Los Angeles, not just a perfect pint at the grocery store. I'd get chocolate—chocolate chip WITH chocolate sauce. Dad said yes and no one could stop me. What seemed over the top then, has ben firmly showed up by the crazy milkshakes or tubs of raw cookie dough out there.

These days, I satisfy that desire with a small (sniff) square of chocolate or perhaps a decadent truffle. The good stuff is expensive!

Whenever I not the cost of something—because I am value driven–I think. "Well, our stuff is expensive too." But, I got to thinking, when you are talking about high quality products, what is expensive? Really?

This box set of a dozen (outrageously delicious) truffles from milk bar is $24. That makes them two dollars per square inch. Expensive. It's worth every penny. You can read the reviews and order them online.

But what about our cutting board.

The board costs $165. The dimensions of the cutting surface are 18" x 10". Divide $165 by 180 square inches and you get ninety-one cents a square inch. Which make it cost less than half in volume. 

Compare amortizing the approximate one to three minutes per truffle versus the roughly 10 to 25 years you will get form a quality kitchen accessory from Alabama Sawyer. Now, it's a real deal in comparison.

Is that how we make economic decisions? Of course not! I love chocolate way too much to buy cheap stuff or be rational in my chocolate buying decisions.

I do want things in my home that will last, and more than food, clothing or media, furniture and home accessories are purchases that deserve careful consideration and willingness to invest.