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We Love Grove Collaborative!

We Love Grove Collaborative! | Alabama Sawyer

June 10, 2019

If you’re reading this, it seems likely that you have an interest in sustainable products. If you are interested, you’ve come to the right place. We recommend Grove Collaborative for all things sustainable! They have a great selection of clean, natural, safe, and environmentally friendly hand soaps, bathroom cleaners, trashbags, lip balm, and much much more! The following quote is taken directly from Grove Collaborative’s About page:

“Grove started as an idea between three friends talking in a spare bedroom in San Francisco: what if it was easy to find healthier home essentials? The belief that what we bring into our homes contributes to that homey, cozy feel prompted them to try to make their idea a reality. Welcome to Grove. We’re here to help you create your best version of home with ease and enjoyment.”   

Another great thing about this business is the ‘Grove standard’, which simply means that Grove Collaborative assures its products will be, “healthy, effective, eco-friendly, and affordable.” Better yet, Grove Collaborative offers completely customizable orders that lets you decide when and how often shipments will be made, so you never have to run out of your favorite products! (Source: Grove Collaborative FAQ) An additional perk is that joining is free, and you only have to pay for products you purchase. In other words, there is no fee required to join. (Source: Grove Collaborative FAQ)

My favorite Grove Collaborative product? ‘SmartyPits’ Aluminum Free Prebiotic Deodorant is a no brainer for someone who gets rashes from regular deodorant. So what are you waiting for? Go check out their website!

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