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Recent Delivery from Sticker Mule

Recent Delivery from Sticker Mule

July 13, 2020

You don't have to be the age of my daughter, nine, to love a sticker. As a small business, there isn't a lot of extra money for advertising or swag. Stickers can do both for a low price with high return. 

We use Sticker Mule stickers to brand our boxes that ship out every day. We recently branched out and got some hologram stickers. I mean, stickers with rainbow shimmer! Talk about adding delight! 

I recently went down a bit of a rabbit hole on their website, looking at coasters and packing tape—Hey, you get your excitement where you can these days—where I discovered Trace

Now, this is fun!

1. I took this image.

2. I removed the background — with a click of a button

3. I added water. 

All for free!

Okay, so perhaps this isn't going right onto the chair product page, but it sure was fun. And I'll figure something out. There are lots of backgrounds and I have lots of photography.

There are other cool tools like Upscale​, & Redraw​.

The company's customer service has always been excellent, the prices are great and the process really easy, so I am looking forward to taking (more) advantage of this easy source for marketing for our small business.