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GIVEAWAY ALERT: Goldune's The Shelf

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Goldune's The Shelf | Alabama Sawyer

March 14, 2021

To celebrate the launch of Goldune's new limited edition food + sustainability pop-in, The Shelf, we're giving away a taste of some of our favorite sustainable snacks + sips from our selection. One lucky winner will receive > $350 worth of climate-friendly prizing, including...⁠

🌈 A $50 gift card to Goldune⁠
🌈 A variety pack of Moonshot crackers
🌈 A 6-pack of Seconds crackers
🌈 A variety pack of Pulp Pantry chips⁠
🌈 A 4-pack of Willa's oat milk
🌈 A 2-pack of Daybreak seaweed flakes⁠
🌈 A variety pack of BjornQorn popcorn⁠
🌈 2 boxes of Impact snack bars⁠
🌈 6 Renewal Mill baking mixes⁠

Entering is easy-- just click the link below.


This is not an Alabama Sawyer giveaway. Goldune sells our products, along with other vetted sustainable goods, and we thought you would enjoy the head's up!

Some terms + conditions do apply: none of the prizing can be redeemed, returned or exchanged for cash value, and to enter you must be 18+ and a resident of the contiguous United States. 💝