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New Shirt Designs!

New Shirt Designs! | Alabama Sawyer

October 18, 2019

We are very excited to announce our new Alabama Sawyer shirt designs! Our Instagram followers voted on a handful of different designs, and these two were the most popular:

Knot Perfect

Left: "Knot Perfect", Right: Logo Design

The "Knot Perfect" design refers to us as humans, no one is perfect, and it refers to our use of urban reclaimed timber. We love the way urban wood is imperfect and comes with knots, burls, and insect holes. The back of the "Knot Perfect" shirt reads, "AlaSaw."

The shirt on the right comes in a blue jean color and displays our logo on the front. The back of the shirt reads, "Alabama Sawyer, Urban Forest - Field to Studio." Our logo is meant to be reminiscent of the famous "The Who" band shirt with the circular bulls-eye on the front. We also like to think our logo is similar to Captain America's shield:


Left: The Who shirt design, Right: Captain America's shield logo

See a few of our unused shirt designs on Instagram or right here in this blog post. On the left you'll see our "Bless Your Heartwood" design, which obviously plays off of the very Southern saying, "Bless your heart." What's more is that "heartwood" refers to the dense, inner part of the tree trunk that yields the hardest timber. On the right, you'll see our "Wood Moves" design. This design is meant to be reminiscent of the slogan, "shit happens", but it also takes into account that the wood could actually move after the piece is constructed.  


Left: "Bless Your Heartwood", Right: "Wood Moves"

I love all of the designs, including the unused ones. Which design is your favorite?