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New Candle! New Product!

New Candle! New Product! | Alabama Sawyer

December 15, 2019

We are very pleased to announce that Alabama Sawyer is now selling our own candle, just in time for the holidays.

5 O'clock Sawyer. We hear how much people croon over the smell of our wood shop, particularly after we have used D-Lymonene (made from orange peels as a solvent) or planed cedar or other fragrant wood species in our humming machines. With our penchant for reclaimed wood and history using wine and whiskey staves, we threw in a secret libation scent as well.

The candle sits atop a wooden Valet Tray (kind of like a candle coaster) and the wax itself is held in a recycled glass bottle. Of course, you have the option of buying a candle sans Valet Tray. On the front of our candle is the Alabama Sawyer logo stamped onto the glass with a wax seal. 

Our candles are made by the incredibly talented local Birmingham artisan ECam and Co. Want to know more about ECam? She was nice enough to let me interview her several months back.