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How to Recycle the Things You Can't Recycle

How to Recycle the Things You Can't Recycle | Alabama Sawyer

February 22, 2021

This couldn't be more of a fun rabbit hole to go down. I have mentioned many times in these blogs about the challenges of recycling in Alabama. My town takes aluminum, 1s and 2s and paper. I collects my number fives separately and take them to the town recreation center once a month, where a local mom takes the collection in the back of her car to a town 2-3 hours away. I pay a yearly fee for glass to be picked up by a private company.

We have a bag of old batteries that usually will end up being requested by a Boy Scout. The library will have an e-recycling day once a year. This is not ideal, of course. It takes a lot of effort, organization, space and money to try to create less trash. And, there are still so many things that can't go into any of my multiple bins. 

Enter TerraCycle. I recall their logo showing up on containers over the years, but I wasn't sure where it was going. I think they found their stride and I can't wait to try it and report back. At the moment, I am still trying to figure out what to try.

I mean, the possibilities are expansive. They come in pouches, boxes (in three sizes) and pallets.

The thing my kids most often throw into our municipal recycling that doesn't recycle is single serving packaging, adding insult to injury, right? I like to think I don't buy a lot of these sorts of things, but I do buy them and my kids impulse to recycle always seems to conflict with their lack of desire to read the directions.

This could be useful at the shop. Woodworkers all wear ear plugs. I always say, you know you are married to a woodworker if you regularly find ear plugs in the dryer.

I am not sure if there is a good way to extend an olive branch to smokers that flick their butts, but leaving one of these on your contractors windshield might be a decent passive aggressive move to give a sense of superiority.

Also gross and funny, but if you chew a lot of gum, why not?

Let's move on to some boxes...

Coffee and tea accessories. I love coffee. I will say even when you are trying to reuse and buy travel cups and limit paper, you still end up with a lot of trash and you lose the top to the travel mug or for your friend who does the Nespresso and Kuerigs. This would do it!

A mother's dream, right?

What about pallets?

It would take a us a long time, but having a place to send our gloves from the finishing room. Amazing.

These could be required at every frat house. That would be amazing. 

There are A LOT of options and scenarios to thing about. You have to start with some money and allot some space, but the shipping and the destination is pre-paid, so if you need to flush out your recycling, try TerraCycle.