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Eco Friendly Transportation Hacks

Eco Friendly Transportation Hacks | Alabama Sawyer

August 26, 2019

Obligatory heads up about this blog post: We think respecting the environment is incredibly important, and want to talk about some of the easiest ways in which folks can reduce their carbon footprint in terms of simple transportation practices. Keep in mind this blog post is meant to address what individual consumers can do to help, even though changes in business practices and policy change on an international AND cooperative level are going to be vital in the coming years.

We also want to make it clear that we aren’t trying to tell anyone what to do. What we are trying to do is offer solutions for those that would like to put in the effort. To be clear, we don't want anyone to accuse us being perfect. These are solutions that we all should keep in mind moving forward.  

  1. Carpool as much as possible, and consider rolling down the windows instead of blasting the AC (when reasonable.) This helps cut down on car produced emissions. 

  1. Bike everywhere! This one is better for the environment AND it's a great way to get your exercise in. Another easy way to cut down on carbon emissions. 

  1. Drive electric/ hybrid. This solution is really only helpful for people who can afford to buy these types of cars (or buy a car at all) so bear that in mind. 

  1. Public transportation. This solution isn’t the best option here in Birmingham Alabama when you consider how terrible Bham public transit is, so keep in mind that this suggestion is really only helpful for those living in certain cities.  

  1. Walk. This is another way to get your exercise in, but I understand that it isn’t optimal for everyone. 

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