Best Natural Cat Litter

Best Natural Cat Litter

September 16, 2019

That’s right, we have to talk about cat poop in this one. For the most part, have you ever thought about cat litter as being something that even needs to be natural or eco friendly? I know I haven’t. Up until recently, my only real concern about the cat litter we use is how well it combats odor. That’s why I’m seeking out products that (hopefully) don’t compromise in the odor control department.  

World’s Best Cat Litter is an interesting product for several reasons. It claims to have high quality odor control and be “planet friendly.” That said, I’d strongly encourage you to read the reviews on this product before you purchase it. Some of the reviews are good and some aren’t. It sells for 23 dollars for 28 pounds of cat litter which is decent considering that it’s supposed to be eco friendly.

Feline Pine Arm & Hammer Naturals Cat Litter  sells for 15 dollars for 18 pounds. It claims to use natural ingredients to leave your home odor free, AND to be more absorbent than clumping clay litter. As with all products, be sure to read the reviews carefully before making a purchase. 

Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter seems to be one of the pricier natural cat litters out there, but the 2 reviews indicate that it has great odor control, which is definitely a plus.

According to the Walmart product description, it’s made with 100% pine pellets, which are naturally very absorbent. Additionally it claims to be biodegradable, which is excellent. That said, some of the reviews do lower an otherwise high rating on the basis of high pricing, so keep that in mind.