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Alabama Sawyer on Food52

Alabama Sawyer on Food52 | Alabama Sawyer

June 03, 2019

If you haven’t seen what Alabama Sawyer is selling over on Food52, I’d strongly recommend you check it out. Some of our products on Food52 are only available through their website, so be sure to check us out over there! What’s Food52 you ask? As the name suggests, Food52 is a place for all things food, kitchen, and home maintenance related.

It’s a resource for all kinds of recipes - I especially like the recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies. It’s also a blog that gives a variety of home maintenance tips: like their useful piece on fridge cleaning. It’s a shop where consumers can browse some of the coolest kitchen gear imaginable: from silicon straws, to this modular cheese tower grater, which sounds like something straight out of Star Trek:

the tranya is right next to the modular cheese tower grater!”

All Star Trek silliness aside, we are pleased to announce that Alabama Sawyer is selling some really great products over there, like this Food52 exclusive walnut bread box:

Walnut Bread Box | Alabama Sawyer on Food52

If you’re interested in seeing other Alabama Sawyer products on their website, check out this screenshot to get a better idea of the different products we are selling through Food52: 

Alabama Sawyer on Food52

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen some of these products on our website, that’s because some are Food52 exclusives. That’s right, some of these products are available exclusively through Food52. So go check it out! And while you’re over there, you may as well browse some of their recipes or home maintenance advice.

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